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dear parents   we would like to inform you that the number of our it is  01111620820 please ask him if you want any thing about revisons or a bout site thank you


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dear parents we would like to inform you that the mid term revisions upl...
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We would like to inform you that the midyear revision will be available in...
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congratulations for our 1st primary top students 2015-2016 ر...
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dear parents  plese we want to inform you that we uploaded frensh a...


dear parents  to see the results of your...
dear parents  we would like to inform you...
We are running our new website to make it easy...

In the name of Allah

El Alsun Modern Schools believe that behind every great nation there is a great educational system.

And that comes through bringing up our children on the belonging and morals.

Also, we must improve their scientific skills as well as they must master different languages to keep up with scientific advances.

Since when we endure the responsibility of this edifice we look forward to the reasons for success, and by the grace of God our goals are clear and our vision is great.

As we believe that education before learning in order to build   a generation bears the responsibility and seeks towards a bright future.

                               Good willing ……

MS. amany khairy

dear parents 

we want to inform you that if you want to ask about any thing we will be happy if you send us on our mail

and we will replay on your mails as soon as possible

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